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Headphone Implants Now Actually A Thing

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 5, 2013

A 34-year-old US man has taken body modification to the next level by inserting live magnets into his ear as part of a process that effectively leaves him with permanent headphones. This particular procedure isn’t for the faint of heart but we know that isn’t going to stop anyone from at least entertaining the idea.

The man, Rich Lee of Utah, breaks down the process in the below video, where he details all the equipment you will need.
The tiny magnets apparently pick up a signal from a coil worn around the neck, which is connected to your music listening device of choice and causes the magnets to vibrate – which must be a strange sensation. One thing that isn’t in the video is the body modification expert who inserted the magnets but we’re sure you can find one in your handy Yellow Pages.

Like many body mod advocates, known as ‘grinders’, Lee has plans on taking things just that extra step further than most would. Now with magnets in his ears, he wants to rig the technology to make an ultrasonic rangefinder. This would essentially allow him to “see” using echolocation, much like a bat… Different strokes for different folks, we suppose.

The magnets will definitely be easier to find than headphones when you’re leaving in a rush, that’s for sure, but that coil is still gonna get tangled when you have it in your pocket… Thankfully we have early adopters like Rich Lee to test these things out before the rest of us give it a crack.

Watch: Rich Lee explains headphone implants

(Via The Guardian)

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