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Hold That Thought! Soundwave Fighting 15+ Age Restrictions In Sydney

Written by Mike Hohnen on January 29, 2013

Earlier this month, Music Feeds reported on a new age-restriction policy implemented by Sydney Showgrounds a matter of weeks before Soundwave 2013 was due to kick off. The new rules meant that patrons under the age of 15 would not be allowed to enter, regardless of parental supervision. AJ Maddah has now confirmed he will be fighting the new policy – so U15s hold onto your tickets!

Maddah has stated that it will take him “a couple of days” to resolve the issue, and seems confident that it will all be sorted. The new age restrictions have clearly pissed off Maddah, who is pulling no punches on his twitter account.

AJ even delves into a theory that isn’t so crazy – venues slowly making venues 18+ so they sell more booze.

In another related tweet, AJ also acknowledged that, on account of the policy change, U15s have no doubt begun selling their tickets, and suggested there will soon be more tickets to the Sydney leg of Soundwave on the market.

Final word on the situation is sure to come through soon, so hang tight for that. And if you haven’t sold your ticket yet, don’t.

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