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Japan Introduces Tough New Illegal Downloading Measures

Written by Kiel Egging on October 1, 2012

Unless you want to go to jail for two years, it’s best not to try to download a song illegally in Japan.

The country has just introduced a new anti-piracy law that will target illegal downloaders, and slap those who are caught with a two-year prison sentence and a 2 million yen ($26,000) fine.

According to Ultimate Guitar, The Recording Industry Association of Japan claims that illegal downloads in the country outnumber legitimate ones by 10 to 1, and that the legal download market shrank by 16% in 2011.

The country already threatens people who originally upload illegal files with up to 10 years in prison and a 10 million yen ($128,000) fine, but the new law will apply to those who simply download the content.

Japan isn’t the only country to introduce tough new laws to combat digital downloading theft.

Last week, American internet service provider Mediacom announced plans to ban pirates for life if they broke a new three-strike rule. This came in light of the US government’s forthcoming plans for a nationwide six-strike rule, which is now looking pretty tame in comparison.

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