Image for Kanye West Lookalike Breastfeeds “Baby North West” In Photo Series

Kanye West Lookalike Breastfeeds “Baby North West” In Photo Series

Written by James Arnold-Garvey on August 20, 2013

Award-winning lookalike photographer Alison Jackson has taken a series of sometimes silly, often fairly disturbing pictures of one man who looks very much like Kanye West and one woman who looks very little like Kim Kardashian taking care of their newborn baby (who supposedly looks like North West, but let’s be honest, all babies look the same, right?)

The photo series shows the lookalikes – who we’re calling Kanye Worst and Kim Kardashi-isn’t – engaged in everyday childcare rituals, including Worst strapping on a breast-feeding holster in an effort to prolong his child’s life through nutrition, and Kardshi-isn’t getting some baby poo under those giant fingernails while changing a nappy.

Jackson, who reportedly looks exactly like herself, became infamous in the late ’90s after producing a picture of Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed lookalikes holding what appeared to be a mixed-race love child in the wake of the real couple’s death.

Said Jackson of the controversial pictures at the time, “Millions mourned [Diana] through her image. Most of them did not know her in person; they only “knew” her through photos… I thought I would make images of her, using a lookalike, to explore our perception of her and our fantasies about her love life.”

What this series on Kanye, Kim and baby North says about society is still up for discussion, we guess, though it did make us feel a little more like going around to the West house for tea. Still no invite though.

Two things in summary. One – TIL there is such a thing as lookalike photographers, and some of them get awards apparently. Two – they say looks can be deceiving, and sometimes that deception comes with very real consequences, like that time we screamed and ran flailing into a closed door just now when the below pictures broke our tiny fragile minds. WARNING: CANNOT BE UNSEEN. Enjoy!

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