Image for Kayne and Jay-Z to work on an album together

Kayne and Jay-Z to work on an album together

Written by Michael Carr on October 26, 2010

Speaking to MTV’s Sway in a live webcast following the premiere of his film Runaway, Kayne expanded on hints he put out on his Twitter back in August about an upcoming collaboration EP with Jay-Z to be titled Watch The Throne. Apparently being upgraded from an EP to a full album West said that he and Jay “[already] did five songs, a few of ’em were out there and then I put ’em on my album, sorry Jay”. Going on to say that the two planned to record in the south of France, he was soon to joke that he’s “probably be done with the album in like a day or whatever.”

Still as exciting as that is, it is but the tip of the iceberg of Kanye’s varied upcoming creative projects, with the rapper mentioning that he’s also thinking of making a Broadway companion to Runaway as we as a Saturday morning cartoon that follows the characters of the film.

You can watch the whole interview at MTV USA’s site here

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