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Lana Del Rey Says Leaked Tracks Were From Upcoming New Album

Written by Greg Moskovitch on August 18, 2013

Lana Del Rey has revealed that some of her tracks recently leaked to the public were intended for an upcoming album she’s currently working on and that the leak came after a hacker accessed her personal hard drive. This comes after a previously unheard track, True Love On The Side, was leaked online last week.

The former Lizzie Grant explained the incident in an interview with, saying “To be honest, what really happened was, three years ago somebody remotely accessed my hard drive, so even songs I’ve never emailed to myself [were accessed]. There are hundreds of them”.

The singer went on to explain that while many of the leaked songs, which include tracks titled Black Beauty, Queen Of Disaster, Maha Maha and So Legit, date back to an earlier period of her career, some of them were more recent. “Well some of them were, but some of them, like Black Beauty weren’t,” she said.

When asked if she feels discouraged about work on the new album, the singer stated that the leak has indeed affected her enthusiasm for the upcoming record but that she’s pressing on regardless, saying:

I do feel discouraged, yeah. I don’t really know what to put on the record. But I guess I could just put them on and see what happens…I’ll never write a song if I don’t think it’s going to be perfect for the record.

I was [working on new material] until my record got leaked last week, ’cause my life is like completely invaded. But yeah, I’m writing songs that I really like right now. They’re really low-key and stripped back, all sort of West Coast inspired.

Del Rey spoke about the sound of the as-yet-untitled record and made suggestions for who she’d like to work with, telling “I want to work with Lou Reed, and I’d like to kind of keep things low-key and cool”. Music Feeds speculates that a collaboration between Del Rey and Reed can’t be any worse than his collaboration with Metallica.

(Via NME)

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