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Lana Del Rey Songs Leaked By Hard Drive Hackers

Written by Tom Williams on August 17, 2013

Pop-star and feminist interpretation magnet Lana Del Rey has revealed in a recent interview that leaks of her new material are due to a hacker coming into possession of one of her hard drives.

Del Rey says that, around three years ago, someone accessed her hard drive from a remote location and made copies of a bunch of tracks. Some of the songs are quite old but others, like Black Beauty, are meant for her next studio album.

In the interview with, Del Ray admits:

“I do feel discouraged, yeah. I don’t really know what to put on the record. But I guess I could just put them on and see what happens. Each time I write… I’ll never write a song if I don’t think it’s going to be perfect for the record.”

New Del Rey material has been leaking since May, so it’s still not clear if all this hype is the result of lacklustre computer security or simply a cunning marketing ploy.

Listen: Leaked Lana Del Rey – Love On The Side

Listen: Leaked Lana Del Rey – Black Beauty

Listen: Leaked Lana Del Rey – Angels Forever

(Via Under The Gun Review)

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