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Last Dinosaurs Bassist Announces Departure From Band

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 24, 2013

Brisbane based outfit Last Dinosaurs has taken to Facebook today to announce that it will be continuing on its journey one member down. Bassist Sam Gethin-Jones has confirmed that he will no longer be part of the band, stepping down from his duties but promises this isn’t the end of his affair with music.

Though the minor details aren’t addressed, Gethin-Jones explains that in order for the band to progress the way it needs to, he must part ways with them. The split seems to be totally amicable and the bassist speaks in glowing terms of his experience with the band and his time with fans. There’s no immediate word on what he will do next, though we at Music Feeds wish him the best of luck.

There has been no word from the band on who will now be handling bass duties, though at this point in time, their Facebook page lists the band as a three-piece.

Last Dinosaurs are currently hard at work on their 2nd full-length album. Last year they released their debut LP, In a Million Years, and going on Sam’s word, #2 is going to blow all of our minds.

You can read the full statement below and stay tuned for more happenings from the band as they gear up for the new album cycle.

“Hi everyone.

Sam here. I come with the unfortunate news that I will no longer be a part of Last Dinosaurs. For the band to move forward in the strongest way possible it is best that we part ways now. I can honestly say that the best experiences in my life have been with the guys, and I’ll always be grateful for the memories we’ve shared. To all Last Dinosaurs fans that I’ve interacted with, that have come to ours shows, or that have appreciated our music I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. To Lach, Sean and Dan I want to wish you fellas the best of luck moving forward. We’ve been working on the second album and it is going to blow your minds (you’ve been warned). This isn’t the end of my life with music, just a different pathway for me to follow now. So keep your ears to the ground and I’ll see you all soon with something new and exciting.


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