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Listen To Beck Go Back To His Slacker Rap Roots On New Single ‘Wow’

Written by Michael Carr on June 3, 2016

Over 23 years since he stunned the world with the slacker rap anthem Loser, Beck is going back to his roots on new single Wow, although this time the lyrics are a little more uplifting and less deprecating.

Dropping the song and its accompanying psychedelic moving collage video, the release follows Beck teasing us with little snippets on social media over the past few days.

While Beck’s rapping may not have changed much in almost a quarter of a century (he still loves the nonsense lyrics like “Girl in a bikini with a Lamborghini Shih Tzu”) his production style sure has. Boasting some very ‘right now’ trap snares and synth pan flutes, Wow still sounds like a Beck song, boasting that technicolour white boy funk attitude no one else nails the way he does.

His first solo work since 2015’s dance heavy single Dreams – co-written by Sia collaborator Greg Kurstin and writer/producer Andrew Wyatt – Wow once again proves Beck’s unrivaled status as music greatest shapeshifter.

While he has yet to give any word on whether this is part of a forthcoming followup to 2014’s Grammy Award winning Morning Phase, he told Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 radio show that the album does “exist” and should be finished “by Friday”.

You can watch the video here.

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