Image for Lyrics Born Releases New Single/Video Ahead Of New Album

Lyrics Born Releases New Single/Video Ahead Of New Album

Written by Michael Carr on October 19, 2010

Lyrics Born has just released ‘Lies X 3’ the lead single of his forthcoming album ‘As U Were’ along with this tripped out video.

The single which sees Mr. Born take on a more electro/pop sound is sure to cause controversy amongst his old school fans. It sure as hell offended me.

With Okayplayer having given the album 90/100, citing the album’s eclectic mix of genres including, electro-party and synth-soul, likening it to Afrika Bambatta and Off The Wall era Jacko (as in the Quincy Jones produced album, not the later period of his troubled life), hopefully the album steps out into some less lame territory. The album does boast guest spots from Blackaliscious’s Gift Of Gab and Lateef The Truth Speaker, so it can’t be all bad.

Still if this single is anything to go by it’s gonna suck balls.

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