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M.I.A. Documentary ‘Definitely Happening’ Says Director

Written by Greg Moskovitch on November 17, 2013

Steve Loveridge, the director of a documentary about UK rapper M.I.A. has confirmed the troubled project will “definitely happen,” according to a new interview with NME. Loveridge had reportedly walked out on the project earlier this year.

Loveridge previously leaked a trailer for the long-awaited project online (see below) before publishing a message on his personal Tumblr page where he urged the rapper’s label, Interscope Records, to “wake up” and claiming he would “rather die” than finish the film.

However reports started surfacing earlier this month that seemed to indicate work on the project had resumed, with Loveridge now confirming to NME:

“The documentary is definitely happening. I’m holed up a room in Tottenham Court Road cutting it. I didn’t fall out with Maya. She’s often a very complicated person to work with and a hard taskmaster, and we do fall out now and again, but on the documentary she’s been good as gold.”

Loveridge indicated that his threat to leave the project was “positive,” saying, “Maya thought it was hilarious that I got into a public spat with the label and management.” He also indicated the the project would be ready for public viewing in 2014, saying, “It will be screening sometime next year.”

(Via NME)

Watch: MIA Documentary Trailer

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