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M.I.A. Unleashes New Track ‘Only 1 U’ All Over The Internet

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 4, 2013

After its premiere on radio last week, M.I.A’s latest single, Only 1 U, has now managed to make its way online for the listening pleasure of all. Once again, the boat-rocking songstress has taken to anti-establishment rhetoric to set the scene for her latest tale of love, of course with plenty of references to partying.

Only 1 U would have to be one of the first times that the GFC and Occupy protests are used in a pick up line, but M.I.A manages to pull it off. It’s unsure yet whether or not the track will find its way onto her forthcoming fourth studio album Matangi. The record was meant to drop in 2012 but has failed to pass the standards of M.I.A’s record label as the singer explained, “It’s not easy, it’s not easy. I keep finishing it and handing it in, finishing it and handing it in.”

The tentative release date of Spring 2013 has since been attached to the record so we won’t have to hold out much longer. Together with Only 1 U, we’ve heard the previous track, Bring The Noize, yet another middle finger to the man. Should both of these tracks end up on Matangi, it’s going to be a fairly loaded little album.

Listen: M.I.A – Only 1 U

(Via NME)

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