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Major Lazer Get Grumpy In Excruciating Lollapalooza Interview

Written by Sarah Bella on August 7, 2013

Is this the most awkward interview ever? Major Lazer sat down for a chat with iHeartRadio interviewer Kennedy at Lollapalooza recently, with the journalist managing to get the outfit offside in all of five seconds. And then the interview continues to run downhill in a painfully awesome fashion.

Kennedy, who was the host of the MTV show Alternative Nation for most of the ’90s, gets things off to a good start by referring to Major Lazer as “Diplo and the other two guys”. Jillionaire clearly jumps ship pretty early on the piece, telling Kennedy, “There’s a dead body in my room. I’m going to jail tomorrow.”

Things then go from bad to worse, with Kennedy attempting to school the trio on musical genres, mocking Diplo for being paid to play for “the prince of who-gives-a-shit” and asking the guys if they’ve ever texted pictures of their genitals. Classy.

When Diplo answers the question, “Who’s the most annoying person you’ve worked with in the last two years?” with “Probably you”, you may feel the urge to cheer and high five him. Don’t do that, though – you’ll dirty up your screen.

We suspect this might be a failed attempt at satire – Kennedy has been working in the music biz for over two decades, with lots of comedy radio under her belt – so we don’t think she’s really this dumb. Whether the band were in on the joke is a different story entirely.

Major Lazer will be bringing their moombahton good times to the 2014 Big Day Out.

Watch: iHeartRadio 2013 @ Lollapalooza: Major Lazer

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