Image for Meredith Music Festival 2010 Ticket ballot now open

Meredith Music Festival 2010 Ticket ballot now open

Written by Svetlana Huffington on August 4, 2010

The 20th Meredith Music Festival happens on December 10, 11 & 12, 2010 at the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre on the Nolan Farm. The Subscriber Ticket Ballot is open now Old subs should check their email. New and yet-to-be-subs head to

From the press release:

The 20th Meredith will have a LineUp created in the usual premium mould – all killer, no filler, all quality, no follity; bespoke programming based on Supreme Live Experience, where collective (anticipated) mood and time of day or night is carefully considered. It will be at Meredith’s usual high standards, and will be out as soon as it’s ready.

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