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Metallica To Play The Black Album In Full At Soundwave?

Written by Mike Hohnen on January 15, 2013

That is certainly what it’s looking like after a brief Twitter conversation between AJ Maddah and someone who knows their ‘Tallica. After describing the barrier set-up for the festival to one follower, another one was quick to point out that it is the exact same set-up Metallica require to perform The Black Album in full.

Update 03/02/2012: Metallica Are NOT Playing ‘Black Album’ In Full At Soundwave

When asked what form of barricade will be used instead of the D barricade, Maddah responded that they will be incorporating a mix of T barriers, static barriers and…the “snake pit”. For those who are unaware, the ‘Snake Pit’ is a stage set up that harks back to the Metallica of the 1990s, who felt the need to be closer to their fans as they started playing bigger and bigger venues.

Though it had gone out of style, Metallica brought back the diamond shaped section when they toured in support of the 20th anniversary of The Black Album, and the set-up has since been synonymous with the record in a live setting.

When questioned on whether or not this means they will be performing the album in full, Maddah responded ‘Looks that way’.

This is, however, only half of the puzzle, as we don’t know yet whether they will be performing it start to finish, or finish to start – that surprise is sure to come later.

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