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Mexican Musicians killed for not playing Encore

Written by Bex Logan on January 21, 2011

Musicians take note – if you play in Mexico make sure you encore the shit out your sets.

Two musicians, and a 26 year old female audience member, were killed after members of the band La Excelencia in Mexico refused to play after the Vida Divina club had closed.

According to Mexican news paper, El Occidental and CBS Online, members of the audience became irate and detonated a grenade inside the bar.

El Occidental also noted four drunken men demanded the band play more after their set ended – and the band complied – at least for a period. After the band had finished up around 4am Monday morning (local time), one of the men threw a grenade at the stage. While the audience evacuated, the leader of the band – 22 year old Jonathan Jimenez – and 35 year old Gustav Alejandro were shot.

The perpetrators of the mayhem are not expected to be caught as no one can describe or even tell what the getaway vehicle was.

The image above is of La Banda Excelencia de Jonathan Martinez onstage in Guadalajara.

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