Image for MGMT Unveil New Tracks To Cat

MGMT Unveil New Tracks To Cat

Written by Marc Zanotti on January 17, 2013

MGMT has tested out some new tunes on an unsuspecting kitten and posted the feline’s reaction online. As reported by NME, the psychedelic synthpop rock outfit posted an image of the band’s Twitter account with the caption, “This tiny kitten has just heard new MGMT songs”

The ‘Electric Feel-ine’ looks to be in a state of shock from what its heard, and hopefully we’ll all be able to experience new music from MGMT sometime this year. Another tweet from MGMT indicates that the band are currently in the studio working on what will be their third album.

As noted by NME, the new album could possibly include Alien Days, which MGMT debuted live last year during their set at the Colombian Festival Estereo Picnic. Whatever the case, it’ll be interesting to see what direction Ben Goldwasse and Andrew VanWyngarden take on MGMT’s next release.

NME is guessing that the pair will delve deeper into the psychedelic experimentation of sophomore album Congratulations.

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