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Michael Bolton sings on new Lonely Island track

Written by Michael Carr on May 13, 2011

That’s right, the man who gave us such classic hits as…. well the man we all remember for having luscious blond locks and pretty much taking out the all time world champion of schmatlz award, Michael Bolton has returned to the spotlight from wherever he’s been for the last two decades, choosing to make his return alongside comedy rap trio The Lonely Island on their new track Jack Sparrow from their second album Turtleneck & Chain.

The song airing on Saturday Night Live over the weekend coincides with both Bolton’s forthcoming 21st studio album Gems – The Duet Collection, as well as with the fast approaching fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean film. Whether it’s just a massive marketing ploy or not, it’s fucking hilarious and I welcome more of such marketing in the future. Companies take note, washed up easy listening stars from the 90s sell products, how much longer do I have to wait to see Kenny G selling tampons on TV.

However this isn’t the first time M Bolt has shown his comedic side, having put together a video for Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he takes us on a small tour of Michael Bolton’s school of Michael Bolton.

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