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Midnight Oil Offered Big Bucks To Reform For Festivals

Written by Sarah Bella on July 18, 2013

Iconic Aussie rockers Midnight Oil are being offered big bucks to reform and play the American festival circuit, according to the band’s manager, despite the fact they broke up more than 10 years ago and haven’t had a hit since the ’90s.

According to The Herald Sun, Oils manager Gary Morris says the band has had some impressive offers come through from their US manager, Mitch Rose. “Mitch said there were 50 festivals in America where the band could earn between $US75,000 and $US200,000 per date,” he said. This follows lead singer Peter Garrett‘s announcement that he’ll be retiring from politics after the Federal election in September, with promoters obviously eying up the gaps in the frontman’s schedule.

But we wouldn’t advise Midnight Oil fans to count their chickens just yet, with Morris speculating that a reunion isn’t too likely, saying, “Knowing where everyone’s heads are at, I can’t see it happening. I can only speak for my point of view.” He also said that Garrett was likely to take two years off to spend time with his wife and three daughters.

Midnight Oil had a one-off reunion of sorts back in April, when Garrett joined guitarist/keyboardist Jim Moginie and drummer Rob Hirst to play the Rock For Doc Neeson benefit concert, raising funds for The Angels singer, who is battling a brain tumour.

(via Tone Deaf)

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