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Mike D In Tears Over Dental Pain While Recording New Beasties LP

Written by Barnaby Smith on May 12, 2011

As if the making of the new Beastie Boys album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, wasn’t difficult enough what with MCA (aka Adam Yauch) still fighting cancer, it has emerged that Mike D (Mike Diamond) had his own troubles too.

In an interview with NME (via Contact Music), Mike D revealed that he regularly broke down in tears during sessions for the new album due to medication he was on for dental pain after having major work done.

He said, “Making this album proved difficult because I kept breaking down in tears… It ended up where I couldn’t really do anything but cry. I was weeping like a baby. We had to start documenting it all and sending the proof to our manager to show her why we still had no songs on tape.”

Yauch, as reported previously not quite free of his illness, added that Mike D’s predicament actually helped the recording process, saying,

“Mike’s ongoing dental work was a major asset. He was on steroids, which was (sic) making him all steroidy (sic), angry and angsty. He was just screaming on the record.

“When he’d come back from the dentist, his mouth would be all numb… The numbness made his tongue marginally fatter, so (it) was causing him to lisp a tiny bit. That lisp is on the record.”

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two is currently vying with Adele‘s 21 for the number one album spot in the US, while the band are holding off touring until Yauch has fully recovered from cancer.

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