Image for More Soundwave Sydney Tickets Available At Box Office Tomorrow

More Soundwave Sydney Tickets Available At Box Office Tomorrow

Written by Mike Hohnen on February 23, 2013

If you missed out on tickets to Soundwave Sydney tomorrow, and somehow managed to also miss the scores of people trying to flog their ticket last minute on Facebook, fear not as there is still hope.

Maddah has announced tonight via Twitter that there will be a limited number of tickets available from the box office tomorrow. These are sure to be the ones that were refunded back to the company, so you can probably expect them to be in the hundreds, rather than thousands.

Brissy kicked things off today and by all accounts it was a raging success. It’s looking like it will be a bit of a Soundflood for Sydney tomorrow, but hey, it adds to the whole atmosphere and we won’t need to worry about dehydration!

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