Image for Mum gearing up for biggest night ever

Mum gearing up for biggest night ever

Written by Michael Carr on November 30, 2010

The lovely folks over at Mum are getting geared up for the biggest night they’ve ever put on this Friday Dec 3rd as along with Chocolate Jesus Industries they present Go Here Go There, taking over all three levels of World Bar, Melt and Iguana Bar and offering 20 bands and 20 DJs for $20 bucks.

With a massive line-up featuring The Checks (NZ), The Dirty Secrets, The Holy Soul, Felicity Groom, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Dark Bells and more, Go Here Go There is the first time ever Mum has breached the barriers of World Bar to spill out over the cross like an oozing goo of sonic awesomeness.

So come down and bathe in the heady waters of Go Here Go There’s superlitude or be forever damned. Full line up below:

Mum and Chocolate Jesus Industries present Go Here Go There Dec 3rd World Bar + Melt + Iguana Bar

The Checks (NZ)
The Dirty Secrets
Felicity Groom
Bleeding Knees Club
The Fearless Vampire Killers
The Honey Month
Chicks Who Love Guns
The Holy Soul
Dark Bells
Slow Down Honey
Post Paint
Nick Van Breda
Shakin Howls
Leroy Macqueen & The Gussets
Drop Tank
Disco Club
Old Men Of Moss Mountain
Donny Benet

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