Image for Mum @ Worldbar, Friday June 3rd

Mum @ Worldbar, Friday June 3rd

Written by Tom Peachy on May 30, 2011

Sunsets on Friday see the death of another week, making way for all you night owls and howling wolves. Rejoice and cast your weekend fires at The World Bar for MUM.

Emitting tunes this week, the aural atmosphere of 1929 Indian, the haunting organ and twangy guitars of Wherewolvesand the night air ambience of Valar and the blossoming sounds of Push/Pull.

The Bordello brings The Bungalows and Fait Accompli into your spectrum. To carry you into your Saturday, experience MUM DJs all night and stop by the Tea Room for our consciousness-expanding, PSYCHOACTIVE Party.

Mum @ Worldbar, Every Friday Kingscross

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