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Mum @ Worldbar, Friday May 6th

Written by Tom Peachy on May 3, 2011

Well it is pretty crazy to think the air is getting that distinct chill of late Autumn and we have chucked the shorts, waves and sand to the back of our closets. But hey, it’s all cool, it is time to crank a fire so we thought we would start that shit.

This week in the club room, the boys from Money Smokers are gonna heat your soul with their burning stage performance reminiscent of the Stones, joining them will be mod style indie-funk gents known as The Frowning Clouds to keep you burning the d-floor. To support we have The Kremlin Succession and Whiskey Indian November, try and tell me with names like that, they don’t sound toasty.

They say that hot air rises and you can follow it to the Bordello where you will find the finals for the Big Bad Wolf Band Competition. Witness some of the freshest talent, engaging audible fisty-cuffs for the title and a free recording session with the amazing Def Wolf Studios. Then, as always, we have millions of DJs to help you forget your electric blankets and have you shredding till dawn. Intense.

Mum @ Worldbar Every Friday Kingscross

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