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New Album From Lemmy’s Rockabilly Supergroup

Written by Barnaby Smith on May 4, 2011

Another day, another exercise in cross-marketing rock supergroup. Lemmy from Motorhead is apparently joining forces with Slim Jim Phantom, drummer with the Stray Cats, and guitarist from Lonesome Spur Danny B. Harvey. Together the trio are HeadCat.

Calling them ‘new’ might be a bit of a stretch (their Wikipedia entry certainly suggests a decade-long history) but reports on a new start for the threesome, who are releasing a new album called Walk The Walk … Talk The Talk, out on July 5. It is the first new material since the band finalised their name as HeadCat (an amalgam of Moterhead and the Stray Cats), as opposed to The Headcat.

The three gentlemen first got together whilst working on a special tribute to Elvis Presley back in 2000, and indeed the band are dubbed ‘rockabilly’, with several classic rock ‘n’ roll covers included on the new album, such as Chuck Berry‘s Let It Rock, Eddie Cochran‘s Something Else, Johnny Kidd and the PiratesShakin’ All Over and more.

The first single, however, will be an original composition, American Beat.

The album comes out through the Niji Entertainment Group, the company founded by late metaller Ronnie James Dio, and managed today by his wife Wendy.

The tracklisting for Walk The Walk … Talk The Talk is:

American Beat

Say Mama

I Ain’t Never

Bad Boy

Shaking All Over

Let It Rock

Something Else

The Eagle Flies On Friday

Trying To Get To You

You Can’t Do That

It’ll Be Me


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