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Next U2 Album To Wait Until 2012

Written by Barnaby Smith on June 14, 2011

In news that will be disappointing to some and something akin to a stay of execution to others, U2 are unlikely to release an album this year, with their much-anticipated collaboration with Danger Mouse likely to come out in 2012.

The Guardian reports that the album is still being recorded, while the band’s so-called ‘club sounding’ album may never see the light of day at all.

Around the time of its release, Bono talked of a ‘companion’ album to 2009’s No Line On The Horizon. That “meditative and professional” album, with the preliminary title of Songs Of Ascent, was originally planned to come out by the end of 2009, although it never appeared. U2 had also been working with David Guetta, Will.I.Am and RedOne on a club record, another project that has fallen by the wayside.

The band seem most enamoured with the ‘straight rock’ LP they are currently working on with Danger Mouse.

Bass player Adam Clayton told Rolling Stone, “We did some work on it in January in New York… It was great progress.”

Another defunct project was the whole band recording the songs that Bono and The Edge came up with for Spider-Man.

Clayton said, “We haven’t had time to go back to that material and complete it.”

“Everyone was a bit gutted, because I think it would have been great to have got to the end of this year and have a new record out. It’s not my favourite decision to put it back, but it was the only sensible decision.”

The Danger Mouse-produced album, however, the band say should be out in the European autumn of 2012


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