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No Touring For Kate Bush Any Time Soon

Written by Barnaby Smith on May 30, 2011

Kate Bush has firmly stated that she has no plans to return to performing live any time soon, even though as recently as April the singer suggested she fancied a return to the stage.

Bush, in an interview with BBC 6 Music, was unequivocal that she would not be playing live, saying,”I haven’t got any plans to do any live shows whatsoever. I’m very much engrossed in trying to making new material.”

She recently released her latest album, The Director’s Cut, a collection of re-recorded songs from her 1989 album The Sensual World and her 1993 album The Red Shoes.

“I’m extremely flattered that people are interested,” she added.

A notorious recluse, Bush toured for the one and only time in 1979. She said of that time, “People always presume I didn’t enjoy that tour. I did enjoy it.”

She had hinted at a possible live return by saying that she wanted to experience the thrill of performing again before she became too old to do so, but it seems any chance of that happening in the coming years has been quashed.

Fans can console themselves with the fact she has done most of the writing for a new album – this time one of new material.

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