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NOFX To Release Another Compilation Album

Written by Jason Strange on June 24, 2010

In a year where Fat Mike has made headlines for all the wrong reasons (re: his Cokie the clown performance) NOFX are about to release a companion, 45 or 46 Songs That Weren’t Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records. ‘The Longest EP’ will feature all of their officially released EPs condensed onto one disc.

Track Listing

1. The Death of John Smith

2. The Longest Line

3. Stranded

4. Remnants

5. Kill All the White Man

6. I Wanna Be an Alcoholic

7. Perverted

8. My Name Is Bud

9. Hardcore 84

10. War on Errorism Commercial

11. 13 Stitches (Acoustic)

12. Glass War

13. Jaw Knee Music

14. Concerns of a GOP Neo-phyte

15. Golden Boys

16. You’re Wrong

17. Everything in Moderation (Especially Moderation)

18. I’m Going to Hell for This One

19. I’ve Become a Cliché

20. Cokie the Clown

21. Straight Outta Massachusetts

22. Fermented and Flailing

23. Codependence Day

24. My Orphan Year (Acoustic)

25. S&M Airlines (7” version)

26. Dueling Retards

27. On the Rag

28. A200 Club

29. Shut Up Already

30. The Punk Song

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