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OAF Announce Positive Result From Council Meeting

Written by Michael Carr on October 18, 2010

Having met with The City Of Sydney Council on the night of Monday the 11th, Mark Gerber has come out and said he is “confident that sanity will prevail and that an amended daytime use of the OAF can be negotiated.’

While at first things looked grim, the venue expecting they would need to apply for a costly new DA application for its day-trade, it was soon apparent that the OAF were in good stead with the council, Councillor Doutney coming out in support of the venue, going so far as to question why the council were fiddling over technicalities when they should have been giving full suport to the venue and it’s endeavours.

The key issue surrounding the difficulties was the the council’s report incorrectly read the application as being substantially different to the original DA consent. After an moving speech by Gerber, teh venue owner going Gough Whitlam, Lord Mayor Clover Moore concluded the hearing by stating the council does support live music and the Oxford Art Factory.

Currently in the process of coming up with a new amended Section 96 condition to satisfy the council at the bequest of the council, Gerber is very confident about the venues future daytime operations.

With the venue promising to let us know more as progress is made, be sure and stay tuned.

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