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Ozzy Osbourne Sets Fire To House Making Bacon Sandwich

Written by Sarah Bella on August 30, 2013

Rock stalwart Ozzy Osbourne has started a house fire in the kitchen of his California home after trying to make a bacon sandwich, leading to the fire brigade being called to put out the fiery remnants of the Black Sabbath frontman’s midnight snack.

WENN reports that the spot fire was started on Tuesday night, with Ozzy’s wife Sharon taking to Twitter to confirm that the 64-year-old is indeed a fire hazard, tweeting “I’m in London, @OfficialOzzy is in LA making a bacon sandwich last night and the fire brigade ended up at our house!!”

This isn’t the first time the LA Fire Department’s presence has been requested at Casa del Osbourne, with Shaz starting a house fire in January after she left a candle burning overnight in their lounge room, leading to minor burns to Ozzy’s face. At the time, Sharon said Ozzy had requested she stopped lighting candles in their home after losing his eyebrows and some hair:

“His eyebrows are gone… he’s got, like, skinned cheeks. We are, like, two idiots, it was like ‘The Three Stooges’. Everything you are not meant to do, go to bed with candles alight, open the doors and put water on, we did it all.”

Meanwhile, Ozzy continues to fight with original Sabbath drummer Bill Ward about the latter’s incompetence, saying that he’s physically not up to the job of drumming with the reformed metal legends. Well, at least he’s not burning the family home down, eh, Oz?

(via NME)

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