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Paramore To Close Soundwave Sydney After Gear Shipment Delayed

Written by James Arnold-Garvey on February 24, 2013

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Paramore are now playing the final set of Soundwave 2013 Sydney. Paramore is scheduled to take the stage at 9:45pm on Stage 2 after 2 trucks carrying equipment from Brisbane were delayed due to last night’s wild weather.

In a recent tweet, Maddah stated that Paramore’s gear is due to arrive at 6:30pm, 10 minutes before their originally allocated time slot. Paramore was originally scheduled to play from 5:30-6:40 before Blink-182 on Stage 2 A but a proposed contingency by AJ Maddah will see the American rockers play after The Offspring on Stage 2 B. Maddah tweeted an alternative schedule, describing it as a “worst case scenario” (below).

If the new set times go head, it would mean both Sum 41 and Billy Talent will play extended sets, which would surely be far from a “worst-case scenario” for fans of those two punk acts. Maddah’s tweet also states that Garbage are to play after Cypress Hill as originally planned.

Maddah expressed excitement at the idea of Paramore playing an acoustic set, though as the gear is due to arrive before 10:00pm, it looks like that’s out of the question for now. He also assured Paramore fans that public transport would be available to those who chose to stay for until the extended closing time.

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UPDATE: 6:05pm

Paramore’s set time has now been changed to 9:45pm.

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