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Phoenix start work on new record

Written by Michael Carr on January 17, 2011

French indie outfit Phoenix, speaking to Fasterlouder last week have let slip that despite their upcoming tour to Australia as part of the Good Vibrations Festival, the band have decided to start work on the fifth full length album. Frontman Thomas Mars said in an interview that the band were “10 days” away from starting their next album.

“We’re starting the new album in just 10 days time. It can take a long time for us to do an album so we want to start it very soon,” he said.

The album will be made in the same way as their previous releases, the band preferring to start the gestation period at home rather than in the studio.

“That is how we always work; we always make records in our bedrooms. We never go into professional studios…we always fear those places that are too professional with gold records on the wall and Playstations in the lounge. We like to go to empty places where there is just food and you can make something sitting on the floor,’ he elaborated.

As well as headlining Good Vibrations Phoenix will venture out for a one-off sideshow at Adelaide’s Entertainment Centre on February 14th.

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