Image for PREMIERE: Grenadiers’ Frontman Lives Out His Final Minutes In Bloody ‘Live Fast, Diabetes’ Video

PREMIERE: Grenadiers’ Frontman Lives Out His Final Minutes In Bloody ‘Live Fast, Diabetes’ Video

Written by Sam Murphy on February 29, 2016

A few weeks back Adelaide punk-rockers Grenadiers unleashed their firing new single Live Fast, Diabetes and now we’re super keen to premiere for you all the the blood-soaked, chaotic video for the track.

Grenadiers are no strangers to hugely entertaining videos. In the past we’ve watched piñatas having a birthday party in the video for Wishbone and the band rock-out at a party soaked in water for Summer but this one might be the most extreme yet.

Live Fast, Diabetes arrives a year on from their second album Summer and amps things up a notch with ferocious vocals and raucous guitars.

The video begins with frontman Jesse Coulter jumping into the back seat of a car with blood seeping out of him, as the drivers attempt to give him the greatest end to his life by feeding him burgers, chocolate eclairs, cigarettes and cake while also attempting to reduce the pain.

“In the great Grenadiers tradition of shooting videos that put our members through some physical discomfort (getting pelted with water balloons from all directions, nearly burning alive in BBQ gas bottle explosions, etc), for this one we decided to cram a plantation’s worth of sugar down my gullet in as short a time and as messy a fashion as possible,” Coulter says of the video.

“It’s an ode to Mr Orange in Reservoir Dogs, and his famous scene writhing with a gunshot to the belly in the back seat of a car. The whole thing is three shots, with the middle one constituting the bulk of the video. We did that shot many times, so I ate all those eclairs, cakes, and lollies several times over. I was also covered in an extremely sticky and gross kind of fake blood. Suffice to say I’ve never had a more satisfying shower as the one I had afterwards.”

The video looks as uncomfortable as it sounds but it’s a perfect accompaniment to the song. No pain, no gain right?

The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming third album which is due for release in spring 2016. They’re also going on tour and you can check out all the dates below.

Watch: Grenadiers – Live Fast, Diabetes

Grenadiers Live Fast, Diabetes Tour

Thursday, 10th March
Crowbar, Brisbane
Tickets: Facebook

Friday, 11th March
Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
Tickets: Facebook

Saturday, 12th March
Shebeen, Melbourne
Tickets: Facebook

Sunday, 13th March
Club 54, Launceston
Tickets: Facebook

Friday, 18th March
The Jade, Adelaide
Tickets: Facebook

Saturday, 26th March
The Hills Are Alive Festival
Tickets: Facebook

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