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Premiere: The Lazy Calm ‘Petrol, Paint & Glue’ Mini Doco

Written by Marc Zanotti on February 14, 2013

Music Feeds is proud to premiere the mini documentary for The Lazy Calm’s (formerly Tim & Jean) latest single Petrol, Paint & Glue, which touches on the often overlooked issue of substance abuse in remote Aboriginal communities.

Featuring the additional vocals of The Panics frontman Jae Laffer and Delson Stokes from Yabu, who sings in the Wongutha language, Petrol, Paint & Glue is a weightier song than its indie-pop sound belies.

Written originally by Stokes, Petrol, Paint & Glue found its way into the hands of The Lazy Calm, thanks to the friendship shared between Stokes and The Lazy Calm vocalist Tim Ayre. The Lazy Clam then went on to rearrange the tune, shifting dynamics and creating an accessible pop song.

Although Petrol, Paint & Glue is a commentary on seeing the affects of substance abuse on the youth of his community, Stokes has stated that it also tackles the subject in a broarder sense.

“They are trying to escape the real world, letting it go in the bottom of a plastic bottle or a plastic shopping bag. You can see in their eyes, they are empty.” stated Stokes.

“Substance abuse is a problem in all parts of Australian society; however, in Aboriginal communities the problem can often go unseen by the wider Australian community,” commented The Panics’ Jae Laffer.

The Lazy Calm filmed the music video for Petrol, Paint & Glue on location in Stokes’ community near the desert in Kalgoorlie. The shoot provided the chance to give an insight into this neglected issue, and as such, ABC crew joined the band to document what transpired.

ABC programs triple j’s Hack and 7:30 both aired their stories on the shoot last night, and the issue of remote Aboriginal communities’ struggle with substance abuse. Now you can see for yourself the tale behind Petrol, Paint & Glue.

Watch: The Lazy Calm – Petrol, Paint & Glue – Mini Documentary

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