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Punter Gets Hat Stolen At Festival, Somehow Finds It Online And Gets It Back

Written by Sam Murphy on September 1, 2016

If you had to lose something at a festival, hats are surely at the top of the list of things that you wouldn’t mind losing, considering you could also lose your phone or wallet, but one UK festival punter had a special sort of hat stolen from him.

Supreme hats are the crème de la crème for those down with streetwear brands so a punter at UK’s Reading Festival was understandably pretty annoyed when someone yanked it off him during a set.

According to Buzzfeed, 16 year-old Tom Westbury didn’t find his hat at the festival after it was stolen but when he was back home in the safety of Wi-Fi he noticed it on reseller website Depop Shop going for an outrageous £12,345.

Pretty sure that it was his hat, he contacted the seller inquiring as to where he found that hat and worked out that it was actually his.

“I’m really not gonna lie to you, I took it off someone at Reading Fest when I was waved lol,” he wrote, presumably unaware that he’d just outed himself to the victim of his crime.

In a gotcha moment, Westbury explained that it was his hat and called him a “cheeky fucker” before the robber agreed to ship it back to him.

Not only did Westbury get his hat back though, he also managed to go viral with a tweet of the exchange with the thief.

“I went to the gym yesterday morning, and it was on about three retweets and, like, 10 or so likes, then at the gym, my phone was just constantly buzzing so I ran to my mate’s house to get the Wi-Fi so I could check my Twitter and we went mad,” he told Buzzfeed.

He hasn’t actually got the hat just yet but the guy took his address so he’s pretty confident he’s going to get it back.

What a happy ending.

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