Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 10/06/2011

Written by The Crew at Can't Say on June 7, 2011

Here at CANT SAY, we pride ourselves on bringing in some pretty quality acts. In our short history we’ve hosted acts such as Syd The Kid (OFWGKTA), D CUP, Darwin Deez, Trumpdisco and a shitload more. Well I don’t want to talk too soon but I think we’ve done it again…


June 10th we have one of Modular Records newest signings coming down, allow us to introduce…BENI. Having travelled the world far and wide with his own flavour of dance music that has incited dance storms in clubs far and wide, Beni now has his sights set on our humble abode and will be letting loose. Get down, get loose and get lost with Beni on the 10th of June.

Secondly, we have the pleasure of introducing another fine young talent to you all in the form of Brisbane boys MILLIONS who’s Triple J Unearthed page has been causing a real stir of late. The tracks uploaded are proper mint and we’re psyched to have our bro’s down to party – check that shit out.

On top of this we will also be celebrating WAX WAVES 100th post, the boys will be coming down to curate the front room and have put together a stellar line up! It features MAFIA, TRANTER, ACOLYTE and MICHAEL PHELPS BACKSTROKE. In their short lifetime, Wax Waves have become well known as one of Melbourne’s best young crews with a sharp taste for style, quality and above all….a fucking party!

Also coming down will be our favourite residents J HEASY, AIRWOLF and MAT CANT.




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