Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 24/06/2011

Written by The Crew at Can't Say on June 22, 2011

24th of June at CANT SAY will make you jizz your undies… so come on down (pun intended)! COMMON TROLLS are bringing their own party recipe to CANT SAY so don’t miss a piece of the pie.

Come and check out AJAX (SWEAT IT OUT) the man behind SWEAT IT OUT RECORDS. The “self proclaimed dance legend and piss talker” is a CANT SAY proclaimed DJ King having helped produce records feat. YOLANDA BE COOL and D CUP just to name a few!

Get your hearts racing to the sounds of AIRWOLF, the most exciting young DJ with a soon‐to‐be‐released EP and more cool points than we could wish for… what other 18 year old skipped school at 12 to mix it up and tour the country?

“Give me more” we hear you say. Well maybe JASPER will keep your juices flowing. He’s the latest must see, so make your 2011 worthwhile and catch a glimpse. His soon to be released EP is already a must have and we couldn’t be more excited to see him ripping it up.






Are you really going to miss a party, both on the dance floor and in the pants?


Venue: Miss Libertine, 34 Franklin St, Melbourne

Date: Friday 10th June 2011

Time: 10pm till late

Cost: $15

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