Image for Purple Sneakers 4th Birthday This FRIDAY! (Live Band Playing On The Roof?!?!)

Purple Sneakers 4th Birthday This FRIDAY! (Live Band Playing On The Roof?!?!)

Written by Toby Smith on May 2, 2009

It’s no suprise to us at Music Feeds that Purple Sneakers has made it to its fourth year without showing any signs of slowing down. We can safely say thats because every week they play a quality blend of indie, pop and rock tunes combined with a great party vibe. But, as rumour has it, there will be a Super Secret Band playing on the roof this Friday Night and its this kind of cool shit that tells every other Sydney party night to go fuck themselves.

Which band could it be? Who knows. What we do know is that if you’re not down there you’re missing out on something momentous.

Featuring DJ’s: Jane Gazzo + PhDJ vs. Ben Lucid + M.I.T vs. Walkie Talkie + The Flaming Hips vs. Nick Findlay


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