Image for Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 20/05/2011

Purple Sneakers ‘Can’t Say’, 20/05/2011

Written by The Crew at Can't Say on May 18, 2011

We’re having a little bit of a party on Friday 20th of May, you should come and get tipsy, then dance, then get fucked up, then dance some more, than pass out on the person you picked up in the back of a taxi on the way home….party fail.

TRUMPDISCO have been terrorising dance floors for sometime now. Joining the impressive COMMON TROLLS roster, the Melbourne based duo have found themselves jetting around the world of late as word quickly spreads about their own brand of mayhem which has been inciting riots!

GENERIK – a boy of Third Class, a man of party. His tourofcool continues from SXSW, Miami Beach and now to CANT SAY. Oh he party.

CITY CALM DOWN – possibly one of the most exciting up and coming electro live bands from Melbourne at the moment City Calm Down have been turning heads and creating swag. Get down for a rad party and the last chance to see them for sometime as they begin writing their debut album.

SWICK is also coming down – oh know he rules.

Where did your dignity go last night?


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