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Rainbow Serpent To Return Despite ‘Drug Supermarket’ Arrests

Written by Mike Hohnen on January 30, 2013

Though the event wasn’t totally drama-free, Rainbow Serpent, the festival that almost wasn’t, is being hailed as a total succes in the eyes of both Pyrenees Shire Mayor Michael O’Connor, and the Lexton Police – despite uncovering what they labeled a ‘drug supermarket.’

As reported by The Courier, O’Connor spent several hours on festival grounds, and after taking it all in, the mayor saw “no reason” for the event to not return again in 2014 – massive relief to both punters and organisers who were fighting for their festival to go ahead well into the 11th hour.

O’Connor has also remarked on the behaviour of festival-goers which he found very agreeable. “I’m told there was just under 13,000 people, which I think was a bit down on what they were hoping for, but still a great crowd.”

But just like every other festival, a few bad apples were up to no good. According to ABC news, 2 men and a woman were charged with trafficking and possession after police allegedly discovered a car and caravan stocked up with ecstasy, cannabis and ice. According to Senior Sergeant Peter McCormick, the scene “dare I say, [was] like a supermarket”.

The senior sergeant has stated that police will boost their presence for next year’s event.

According to the mayor 4 people were taken to hospital from the festival, with one of those believed to be drug-related, but he also said that “the police have told us they were happy with the crowd’s behaviour overall”.

Well done, festivalgoers. You did the mayor, the police, Rainbow Serpent and yourselves proud. Mostly.

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