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REMEDY returns August 14 at UTS Loft

Written by Toby Smith on July 29, 2009

From 5pm Remedy hosts special kiwi guest Oakley Grenell performing an eclectic set from various bass genres. Also performing on the night is: Kakhand (The Versionaries) SLS, & FOREIGNDUB, all on the Hijack Rig.

No second guess Sound! REMEDY is set within a nice atmosphere and ladled with cheap beverages.

Son of one of NZ’s legends of music country superstar John Grenell, O.G. has crafted a fascinating resume that has seen him lead a successful record label, work with some of the world’s leading talents in the hip-hop genre, play to thousands around the globe and hone his prodigious talent to a fine art. Music is in the blood for 29 year-old Oakley Grenell. His father John is one of New Zealand’s most successful musicians, selling an astonishing 100,000 pieces of vinyl by the age of 19.”That was crazy,” says Grenell, “he was like the Scribe of his day ‘cos Country was the sound back then”, his father hosted the Whitecliffs Music Festival for many years on the family farm on the Canterbury plains.

“While in the UK I made great connections with MCs that I strongly admire and I’m grateful to have worked with them. Guys like Spikey Tee and Dynamite MC are legends and masters of the art of MCing and they’ve got a really strong presence on my new album ‘ Moving On’.

Get your butt down to REMEDY cause it will be a wicked night and it’s FREE!

Mixing up all styles of Bass Driven music on the night, starting at 5pm be sure to get there early and not miss out.

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