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Rihanna And Justin Bieber Tweets Used To Teach Brazilian Kids About Poor Grammar

Written by Sarah Bella on August 24, 2013

A Brazilian English language school is getting stars like Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga to help teach kids what not to do by using their grammatically incorrect Twitter updates as examples of poor English.

The Red Balloon language school has formed the Celeb Grammar Cops team, which encourages kids between the ages of 8 and 13 to find their favourite celebrity’s grammatical faux pas and respond with corrections, using the @RedBalloon tag. The campaign was devised by teachers at the school that were worried that their students were taking on board the stars’ bad language skills, finding that musicians were the worst offenders.

The Grammar Cops kids have taken to the cause like ducks to water, with kids Mayara and Ana giving rapper Soulja Boy an edit to his tweet “She not a queen if she don’t belong to a king” with the response “We’re 11 and 8 years old. Did you mean “she’s not” and “she doesn’t”? :)”. And when Lady Gaga said “that phoenix crowed was completely and utterly insane. Just did #4showsin4days in three states. I will be sleeping for the next 24hrs”, 10-year-old Milena was quick to point out the difference between ‘crowd’ and ‘crowed’.

Unfortunately none of the Celeb Grammar Cops have received a response to their tweets as yet, but bless their precocious socks. We’re sure the Biebs will get back to them at some point.

(via The Guardian)

Red Balloon – Celeb Grammar Cops

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