Image for Serj Tankian Releases ‘Oceanic Subterfuge’ Music Video From New Symphony

Serj Tankian Releases ‘Oceanic Subterfuge’ Music Video From New Symphony

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 23, 2013

With his first original symphony Orca Symphony No. 1 now officially released, Serj Tankian has offered fans the first video effort for the record, featuring the second act of the performance, Oceanic Subterfuge.

Unlike what we’ve come to expect from Serj’s former projects and their video clips (a la System Of A Down and Aerials), Act II – Oceanic Subterfuge is a fairly literal clip. Rather than employing actors Serj has followed fish as they do fish things, which includes chilling near coral, chilling near sand, eating, chilling near other fish and a lot more chilling near coral, sand and other fish.

Serj’s current jaunt as a composer is already seeing a lot of ears prick up. Next month, he will be taking the show on the road for a run of orchestral tour dates kicking off mid-September in Kiev, Ukraine. Tankian enlisted the help of conductor Werner Steinmetz for Orca which draws influence from 20th century and modern composers.

Watch: Serj Tankian – Act II – Oceanic Subterfuge

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