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Steve Aoki Falcons Dude In Wheelchair With Cake

Written by Mike Hohnen on August 9, 2013

Much like you should never hit someone with glasses, you probably shouldn’t throw things at people in wheelchairs but, during a recent festival performance, EDM overlord Steve Aoki has thrown caution to the wind, along with a big-ass cake, only one of which happened to land squarely in the face of a quadriplegic onlooker.

In the below footage, shot at Toronto’s Veld Music Festival, you can clearly see the cake being thrown and its estimated flight trajectory, yet you just can’t look away. The airborne treat – which we suspect is some sort of sponge/cream concoction – connects with the fan, leaving everyone around him also covered in its sticky shrapnel.

Thankfully, the eventual target, Ian McAdam, has a good sense of humour – if it wasn’t already clear from his “I’m Not Drunk, I’m A Quadriplegic” shirt. The video was actually uploaded by McAdam, who also tweeted that the festival was “the best night ever”. No wonder – he actually got to discuss the incident with Aoki after the event.

Aoki’s OTT onstage antics are well documented, and more often than not the man seems to end up injuring someone – usually himself. Fortunately, no-one seems to have been injured by cake in the eye (a la Lenny from The Simpsons) and everyone around seems to laugh it off, helping the McAdam out in the process.

Check the footage below, and also check out Aoki’s reaction upon meeting McAdam after caking his face up.

Watch: Steve Aoki cake throw hits dude in wheelchair

Watch: Onstage with Aoki hurling his cake, plus meeting his “victim”

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