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Sydney Is All Your Fave Vampire Movies In This Anti-Lockouts Music Video

Written by Tom Williams on July 20, 2016

Sydney’s controversial lockout laws have inspired a bunch of local musos to protest what they call the city’s “vampire curfew” by releasing a gory anti-lockouts music video featuring clips from all of your favourite (but now totally relevant) vampire movies.

Lock Us Out is the fiery debut release from Sydney alt-rockers RedHook, and it pairs some huge guitar riffs and vocal hooks with talk of urban graveyards, getting to bed early and Sydney being virtually shut down for its own protection.

The DIY video clip for Lock Us Out (below) includes clips from classic vampire films like Nosferatu, The Lost Boys, Fright Night and From Dusk Til Dawn. And no, there’s no Twilight involved, so it’s safe to proceed.

“We wanted the video to be a statement about the way the government and the media sensationalised alcohol-related assaults in Sydney, which the ABS tells us had actually been declining steadily since 2006, in the lead-up to slapping on the lockout laws,” says RedHook vocalist and Music Feeds reporter Emmy Mack.

“It created a moral panic that allowed them to inflict this curfew without any public consultation or debate, masking what we believe to be a corrupt hidden agenda. And the effects, as we’ve seen, have been catastrophic.”

In a statement posted to Facebook, RedHook explain why they wrote the song Lock Us Out in the first place, saying, “Corrupt politicians are profiting while our city is bleeding and we’re well pissed about it, so we wrote this song. Hopefully it will piss you off too.”

Sydney’s lockout laws were implemented in February 2014, and restrict patrons from entering CBD venues after 1:30am, restrict drinks from being served after 3am, and restrict takeaway alcohol from being purchased after 10pm.

The regulations have also recently inspired this really sad time-lapse video highlighting the city’s lost nightlife, and this mural depicting NSW Premier Mike Baird drinking at 1:31am.

The findings from a review into Sydney’s lockout laws are expected to be released in August this year.

Watch RedHook’s Lock Us Out video, below. The band’s first official single is coming soon, and we’ve got our fingers crossed for another gory AF music video.

Watch: RedHook – Lock Us Out

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