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Sydney Get Ready…For Thai Fisherman Pants

Written by Toby Smith on March 3, 2009

There’s nothing wrong with Skinny Jeans. They look good, hell they look great. But in a music industry ruled by fashion, it seems that the tight, chafing, restricted nature of Skinny Jeans has rubbed off onto the Sydney live music scene.

Suddenly, everything looks and feels the same. Enter Thai Fisherman Pants. Set in the cavernous underground bar at the Burdekin Hotel, imagine yourself cutting loose at a house party in 1973, sweating it out at CBGB’s, or watching Jimi cut sick at the House of Blues and this will give you some idea of what the night is all about. With impromptu jams, special guests and feature nights curated by the headline acts, Thai Fisherman Pants aims to bring back some of the magic that’s been lost over the years.

The Headline act at each event will have control over the direction of the night. Bands will be welcome to stick around after their sets and jam together. MC’s will be dropping by to throw some hip hop into that mix. And of course, Muso’s all around Sydney will be welcome to jump up and add their touch of gold to the night.

Skinny Jeans are welcome, but don’t let them hold you back. Thai Fisherman Pants; Loose, Free, Unpredictable… Guys like to think of it as the musical equivalent to free balling.

Launching 5 March, 2009 – 8:30pm – late
The Dugout @ The Burdekin Hotel

Free Entry // Live Bands// Live DJ Strictly Limited Capacity. First in Best Dressed.


Thai Fisherman Pants will run fortnightly from Thurs March 5 at The Burdekin Hotel in The Dugout (2-4 Oxford St) The first two events will be free entry, with all following nights to have an $8 entry fee. Capacity is strictly limited so get there early! Thai Fisherman Pants is a tunepaste event.

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