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The Gaslight Anthem To Release New Album In 2014

Written by Sarah Bella on July 6, 2013

Prolific American punk rockers The Gaslight Anthem are all set to release their fifth studio album in 2014, despite the fact they’re still touring in support of album number 4, 2012’s Handwritten, which was the major label debut for the band.

The quartet dropped the good news via Tumblr, letting the fans know that frontman Brian Fallon is squirreled away making new tunes:

“Working on new songs for a new Gaslight Anthem album in 2014. Dig it. Tour’s been great, Brian’s very pleased he hasn’t has many photos of him taken. He’s busy in the back of the bus writing new songs, something about Bob Dylan and Led Zepplin and Neil Young in the same band. We don’t know what he’s on about. We’ll leave him be for now… We haven’t seen him in anything but sunglasses for the last three days. At least Ray Ban is very pleased. More to come, this will updated WAY more frequently now that we’ve stolen it from Brian. Though he may arise from his tomb of ’60s and ’70s records and write something odd here. Right On. —XXX TGA”

No news on exactly when in the new year we should expect this new Bob Dylan-flavoured album from the New Jersey boys, but hopefully this means we’ll be seeing the band heading back our way soon, with their Australian tour last May showing that there’s always a sunny reception for the group Down Under.

(via Dying Scene)

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