Image for The Killers Deliver ‘Old Man Jimmy (Is Soon To Die)’ For Kimmel’s Birthday

The Killers Deliver ‘Old Man Jimmy (Is Soon To Die)’ For Kimmel’s Birthday

Written by Sarah Bella on November 15, 2013

Las Vegan indie sweethearts The Killers stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently to help the comedian and host celebrate his birthday, as well as promoting their new greatest hits compilation, Direct Hits, and wound up co-writing a song for the occasion.

Kimmel had plenty of thoughts on what his song should be about, dropping by the green room to let the outfit know that he’d like his birthday song to spell out the words J-I-M-M-Y and P-A-R-T-Y, as well as mentioning his well-shaped eyebrows and calves, and also that he’s very good at the sex.

But as you can probably tell from the title of the track, Old Man Jimmy (Is Soon To Die) shows that the Brandon Flowers-led quartet had ideas all of their own.

The Killers have been generating a bit of controversy of late, with Flowers telling UK’s The Sun that he thinks today’s pop music is “retarded”, and drummer Ronnie Vannucci dropping the ol’ “hiatus” bomb.

Direct Hits, which includes a smattering of singles from the band’s four studio albums as well as three new tracks, is out now.

Watch: The Killers – Old Man Jimmy (Is Soon to Die)

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