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The Likes Of You – Saturday 3rd July

Written by John Ritchie on May 20, 2010

I’m not too knowledgeable on the techno music scene these days, so I’ll throw this one over to promoters to give you all the details. I can tell you the headliners are Stephan Bodzin and Hugo. Here’s some more info:

Intuition is the little man inside all our heads. A flash of illumination that can’t be judged by logical reason. Intuition gives us direction and guidance in every aspect of life, from who we like… and who you don’t, where we eat and drink, what we wear and what music we like. Some people are in tune with and close to their little man, some people don’t hear him at all. For those of you who don’t listen, your intuition is telling to you to its time for techno… It’s time for The Likes Of You.

STEPHAN BODZIN Re:Live (Herzblut Records, Bremen)
“Authenticity is everything – without it everything would appear to be nothing more than a hollow shell”, says someone who has found himself at the centre of the international techno scene since 2006. The passionate musician from Bremen has become a heavy influence for an awful lot of producers worldwide. As the son of an experimental musician his career in the music industry was set from an early age.

And it was only a matter of time before Stephan would fall in love with electronic music. Composing music for several prestigious European theatres was the first successful platform for his music. His mind-blowing talent was soon discovered and producers such as Oliver Huntemann, Thomas Schumacher and Marc Romboy queued up to work with Stephan. Stephan’s music is as polarising as he is, both as DJ and live artist. But there’s one statement that holds true for all of his productions: they are certainly of the highest authenticity.

HUGO (Italy)
Hailing from Turin in Italy, Hugo was really young when he had the perception that music is something more than an expression of art. During the 90’s classically trained jazz musician Hugo, felt in love with electronic music. Music is not merely the sound, or the perception of sound, but a means by which perception, action and memory are organised. In Hugo’s live set the beat became more mechanical and the bass grooves became deeper, while elements of electronic funk, latin percussions and melodies are grafted over 4/4 beat.

Hugo has been releasing his productions, constantly improving his ability to amalgamate distinct sounds into a cohesive whole. Hugo blends together the artificial and the organic, and uses tension and pacing for a powerful effect on the dance floor. Hugo’s music is not a break with the electronic music of the past, but an extreme re-invention of the music of today.

The Likes Of You
Saturday 3rd July

The ArtHouse Hotel, 275 Pitt Street
Tickets on sale now from
Local Support; Murat Kilic, Ben Morris, Schwa, Reno & Foundation, Matttt & Tomass, Bump DJs, Diatribe, Sam Roberts, Grant Streater, Matt Formosa, Danny Lang and Oakes & Lennox.

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