Image for The Ting Tings Already Hard At Work On Album #3

The Ting Tings Already Hard At Work On Album #3

Written by Mike Hohnen on November 19, 2012

When you’re onto a good thing, there’s no reason to stop, or slow down for that matter. The Ting Tings have already got cracking on their third studio album, only a matter of months since releasing their sophomore release.

The news came through via Twitter, of course, with the UK duo giving into fans’ requests for updates on new music. Currently located in the party mecca Ibiza, the pair have been hard at it in the studio while they had some downtime from touring. For about 2 months now, Katie White and Jules De Martino have been writing material.

That’s about all we know on the release, other than that they have “scrapped a tonnage” of songs from the release already. A couple more tweets came through mentioning ‘studio’, further confirming that the follow-up to February’s Sounds from Nowheresville is well and truly in the pipeline. Get keen!

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